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הצהרת נגישות

הצהרת נגישות לאתר

אתר זה הונגש ועומד בקריטריונים של תקן WCAG 2.1, ובהתאם לסימן ג' ותקנה 91 בתקנות שוויון זכויות לאנשים עם מוגבלות (התאמות נגישות לשירות). למיטה ידיעתי, אין כרגע באתר בעיות של הנגשה. ההנגשה אמורה להיות פעילה עבור דפדפנים שונים, פלטפורמות שונות ונגישה ממגוון המכשירים הקיימים. במידה ונתקלתם בבעיה בהנגשה, אנא צרו קשר.

ההנגשה בוצעה בתאריך 30.01.2023 באמצעות אשף ההנגשה של פלטפורמת WIX.


להלן הצהרת נגישות (Accessibility Statement) גם בשפה האנגלית.

Accessibility Statement for Oren Herscu' website

This is an accessibility statement from Oren Herscu, Ph.D. Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counseling in Haifa, Israel. Oren Herscu' website takes the following measures to ensure accessibility: website issues were fixed to ensure website accessibility.

Conformance status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. Oren Herscu' website is fully conformant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Fully conformant means that the content fully conforms to the accessibility standard without any exceptions.

Additional accessibility considerations

Images of text are only used for decorative purposes which does not cause loss of data.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Dr. Oren Herscu' website.  Please let me know if you encounter accessibility barriers on this website, by emailing:


Compatibility with browsers and assistive technology

Oren Herscu' website is designed to be compatible with the following assistive technologies:

  • The website is supposed to be accessible on different browsers and platforms.


Limitations and alternatives

Despite our best efforts to ensure accessibility of this website , there may be some limitations. Below is a description of known limitations, and potential solutions. Please contact us if you observe an issue not listed below. Known limitations for Oren Herscu' website:

  1. Some images of text are without alt text. Those are only used for decorative purposes which does not cause loss of data.

  2. We do not know of any other current accessibility issues.

Assessment approach

Dr. Oren Herscu assessed the accessibility of this website using the "Wix" accessibility wizard.



This statement was created on 30 January 2023 using the W3C Accessibility Statement Generator Tool.

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