Oren Herscu, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy and mental health counseling

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Oren Herscu

Oren Herscu, PhD

Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counseling

Haifa, Israel

About Me.

A licensed clinical psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy with adults and young at a private clinic in Haifa, Israel.

Psychotherapy with adults and young at HMO Mental Health Clinic in Haifa, Israel.

I mainly use the psychoanalytic approach in my clinical work and, if needed, combines CBT techniques.


Ph.D. from the University of Haifa, Israel.

Researcher and executive director of the international consortium for maladaptive daydreaming research (ICMDR). Co-developer of the online maladaptive daydreaming treatment program (MDTP).

A list of my publications is at my ResearchGate profile.

Supervision & Teaching

Clinical supervision for students and professionals.

Lecturer about psychopathology, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and the parent-child relationship.

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Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counseling in Haifa, Israel.